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  • Classical Studies
    The classical studies option, part of the General Studies Program, is designed for students who wish to obtain a broad understanding of the ancient Greek and Roman foundation of modern Western civilization. Greek and Latin language study is an important part of the program to aid comprehension of classical thought, literature, and history. The approach is interdisciplinary and flexible to allow students to pursue varied interests within a broad field.
    • Offered at WSU: Bachelor of arts in humanities with a classical studies option, minor
    • Available at: Pullman

  • Requirements and Core Courses
    —Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a Classical Studies Option

    Each student must complete (1) the general education requirements (GERs) and any additional requirements of the College of Liberal Arts, (2) 120 semester hours, which include 40 or more at the 300-400 level (18 hours must include Old World Civilizations, Introduction to Literary Criticism, World Art History, Arts of Native North America, Science in Western Civilization through Newton, The Early Middle Ages, 330-1050, and Classical Political Thought), (3) a second year (or its equivalent) of Greek or Latin language, which may be completed at the University of Idaho.

    • Freshman Year:
    Engl 101—Introductory Writing
    GenEd 110 and 111—World Civilizations I and II
    Math proficiency GER
    Science GER
    Biological sciences GER
    Clas 101—Beginning Latin
    or Clas 341—Elementary Greek
    Communication proficiency GER
    F A 201—World Art History

    • Sophomore Year:
    Two classical language electives
    Hum 101—Humanities in the Ancient World
    Physical sciences GER
    Social sciences GER
    Hist 341—Rome: Republic and Empire
    Hum 103—Mythology
    Phil 290—History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
    Approved 300-400 level elective

    • Junior Year:
    Classical language elective
    Hist 340—Ancient Greece
    Approved 300-400 level elective
    300-400 level electives
    Complete writing portfolio
    Intercultural GER

    • Senior Year:
    Approved 300-400 level elective
    300-400 level electives
    Tier III GER

    Students wishing to minor in classical studies are required to take a minimum of 16 hours of course work, at least 8 of which are at the 300-level and above. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take a classical language.

    NOTE: Students must meet course requirements outlined in the General Catalog to graduate.

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