Ancient Greece Course Directory
  • York College Of Pennsylvania
  • Mrs. Cortnie R. Breen
  • 717846-7788
  • Art & Architecture
  • $20.000+
  • Ancient History
  • Degree
  • Not Available
  • 3 Yrs
  • US
  • Pennslyvania

  • The department offers a wide variety of courses in American and European History and other areas of the world. It also sponsors a number of student organizations and activities including a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society for history majors, an undergraduate journal, Past and Present, and special interest clubs. Opportunities are provided for individual growth and practical experience through internships and independent studies.

  • Admission from High School
    A student applying directly from high school is required to submit:

    * An official transcript of high school grades through the last term for which grades have been recorded.
    * Aptitude test scores from the SAT of the College Entrance Examination Board (York College Code No. 2991) OR from the ACT (optional writing test required) of the American College Testing program (York College Code No. 3762). NOTE: not required of applicants who completed high school more than two years ago.

    The student wishing to transfer to York College of Pennsylvania from another college or university is required to submit:

    * An official transcript of all academic work attempted, with separate copy submitted from each college attended.
    * An official copy of transcript from high school through graduation (optional).

    The transfer applicant who has earned fewer than 30 semester hours of college credit is also required to submit:

    * A high school transcript.
    * Scores from either the SAT or ACT (optional writing test required).

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