Ancient Greece Geography

Alexandria - City Founded by Alexander The Great

This Ancient Greek city was designed in a Hellenistic model, with orthogonal road network that formed a regular grid. This sophisticated grid system managed to maximize the cool North wind during the summer and with especially wide roads to enable chariots to turn around with ease.

Much of what we know about the City is due to the Historian Strabo, geography who lived in 25BC. He mentioned the city's main buildings and temples; including the Temple of Poseidon, the Theatre and naval dockyards. These lay in front of the Heptastadion, the cause way linking the island of Pharos to the mainland.

In the heart of the city were the main office and judicial, gardens of the gymnasium. The Canopic Way was the great road that led from the East of the Canopic Gate to the West, called Necropolis. This was the suburban area, which included a large number of gardens, tombs and a number of areas suitable for preparation of the dead.

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