360 Degree View
Aphrodite, Hellenistic period (323-31 BC) Louvre Museum. Statue of Aphrodite, British Museum London - 360 Degree View. Kritos Head, Louvre Museum, Paris. Winged Victory of Samothrace Circa 190 BC, Louvre Museum, Paris The Kouros, Louvre Museum, Paris The Erechtheum Caryatid, British Museum, London.
Marble Sculpture
Discobolos, The Discus Thrower, by Myron in the Classical Period. Plato Bust of Pericles after Cresilas, Altes Museum, Berlin Marble terminal bust of Homer. Hesiod Bust of Herodotus
Bronze Helmet of Corinthian Type No.1 Circa 700 -675 BC Bronze Helmet of Corinthian Type No.2 Circa 460 BC From Olympia Greek Bronze Chest and Helmet Armour Early Athenian coin, 5th century BC. British Museum. Hellenistic relief bowl with the head of a maenad, 2nd century BC (?), British Museum. Geometric pyxis with four horses standing on the lid. Terracotta, 760-750 BC (Middle Geometric II). Made in Athens.
This mural from Pompeii is believed to be based on Apelles', Venus Anadyomene, brought to Rome by Augustus. Alexander fighting Persian king Darius III. From Alexander Mosaic, from Pompeii, Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Symposium scene in the Tomb of the Diver at Paestum, circa 480 BC. Tomb af the diver (detail), museum inPaestum in Italy Tomb of the Diver The Pitsa panels or Pitsa tablets are a group of painted wooden tablets found near Pitsa, Corinthia (Greece). They are the earliest surviving examples of Greek panel painting.

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